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All gaskets and parts for 1 carburettor overhaul.

Type: CB750SF (RC42)year '92-'02 contents:

chamber gasket
- Keyster = K-25 (OEM = 16010-MA6-305 -set no.-)

float valve
- Keyster = KVN-16N00 (OEM = 16165-413-751)

mixture screw set
- Keyster = KHSS-138 (OEM = 16016-KR3-671)

jet needle #D510 = J3JC
- Keyster = KHD-510Z (OEM = 16012-MW3-670 -set no.-)

needle jet
- OEM = 16012-MW3-670 (set no.)

main jet #110
- Keyster = KHM-110110 (OEM = 99101-GHB-1100)

main jet #112
- Keyster = KHM-110120 (OEM = 99101-GHB-1200)

slow jet #35
- Keyster = KHS-29C035 (OEM = 99103-MT2-0350)

various O-Rings (check image)
Manufacturer: Keyster

Keyster company info.

Keyster produces precisionparts for carburettors. Soft parts wear out over the years, causing your motorcycle to run worse. Replacing these parts wil make your bike run better!


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